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Utah Winters are Rough on your Vehicles!  Salt and Road Grime gathering in your vehicles micro scratches Leaving the surface of your vehicle looking rough and dull. Running your vehicle through  Auto Washes Damages your vehicles Clear Coat (paint) even further. The auto wash brushes gather the salt and road grime gathered by previous vehicles passing through before you and grind all of it in  with your salt and grime. Leaving your car with tons of scratches and Swirl Marks making your paint look dull and faded. But all of this can be prevented with sealants or coatings and scratches can be corrected with polishing if taken care of in a timely manner. Winter Season is the most important time to keep your precious vehicle protected. LETS GET THAT VEHICLE PROTECTED!!!


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What Our Clients Say

I can’t thank this guy enough!!!! At first I was just looking to get my inside detailed and cleaned but decided to go the whole 9 yards…But I was blown away with the attention to detail he put into every corner of my car and how gorgeous it looks now.. it’s better than when I drove it off the lot 4 years ago!!!! You will not be sorry if you let him do what he has a passion for!!! Not enough stars! 


– Carmen S

Josh is very dedicated to the Clean! Every lil detail 🤜🏼🤛🏼 im impressed how well my car looks! He ways has the latest tools cleaners and am amazed how clean .y car is inside and out! My favorite is his maintenance package❤❤❤

– Banana Bread

My truck is three years old and looks better now than when it was brand new! I’ve had it 5 days and gotten more compliments on it than I did the first few months I had it.

Go here if you really want it done right.

– Matthew Bruce

Josh did an outstanding job detailing my car inside and out. In addition he repaired the paint on scratches or chips and polished the headlights! My car is cleaner than when I bought it. It feels brand new again! I would 1000% recommend!

– William Day

Car sold to the first buyer. I know it was because of the detail from Dirty Lil’ Details. Thanks again!

– Adam Church

Josh is absolutely fantastic! He’s very professional and knows exactly what to do. If you’re looking for a quality job at a competitive price, he’s your guy. I could only leave a 5 star rating, but I’d give him 10 without hesitation. He takes care of the people who he does work for.

– Carter Crosland

Owner is respectful & well mannered. His professionalism & service would be hard to beat! I am very pleased.

– joshua Cardwell

Dirty Lil Details is a dirty little secret that everyone should be privy to. Josh is professional and has impeccable attention to detail.
My Jeep came out looking cleaner and more brand new than when i drove it off the lot for the fist time. THANK STUD MUFFIN 😘

– Jp Varney

Josh was fantastic. I am a frequent costumer and I’m impressed each time I leave him my car to detail. This time it was hand washed and followed with claybar. Then polished and Ceramic spray coating to the whole car; not to mention a show car wheels package. My car looks absolutely fantastic and better than it did when I bought it!! Each time, it’s worth every penny! Can’t say it enough, but I’m a customer for life!!

– Jenny Pratley

Josh does meticulous work and has great customer service. He worked on two cars for me and each time he talked through what I would need and customized his work to fit my budget. He was easy to get a hold of and put me into his schedule quickly.

– Kristi Merrill

This was seriously the best experience! Joshua took the time to explain everything that was going to be done to my vehicle, was very patient and listened to my questions and his price(s) were very reasonable. He even took the time to send me photos during the process of making my vehicle look like new. Trust me, you will not be disappointed taking your vehicle to Joshua.

– Lisa Langford

Josh was prompt and did great work. He got me in at a moments notice and I learned a lot watching him fix a scratch on my friend’s truck. I definitely recommend this place for detailing or scratch repair.

– Travis Nelson

I dropped my 4 Runner off when I picked it up I was amazed by how much detail was put into the cleaning of it. It didn’t look that clean even when I purchased it brand new. Amazing job 👍 vary impressive! I most definitely will be a repeat customer. Extremely professional person!

– Jarrod Sparks

Josh was great to work with! He was so fast and detailed! I will definitely use him again. I highly recommend it! My Lexus was a little gross from summer adventures and it looks brand new!

– Lauren Shipley

Latest Updates

Ceramic Headlight and Windshield Coatings.

Ceramic Headlight and Windshield Coatings. Nothing is more important than your ability to see while driving in any weather conditions.

Salt and Road Grime ruining your Day?

Salt and Road Grime ruining your Day? Your monthly subscription to that auto wash is Damaging your Clear Coat (paint). The auto wash brushes grind in the salt and road...

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior/clear coat of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. Applied by hand, it...

Reasons why you should get your car detailed…

The Appearance:The main reason for routinely car detailing is the preservation of the appearance of your car. A car that has been newly washed and waxed will look great...

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Dirty Lil' Details offers professional auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle detailing where we take pride in your ride. We get down to the nitty gritty on every job with your...

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